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I never really paid attention to Brown Eyed Girls. Since JeA stepped out to have her 1st solo debut I decided to venture out and give it a try. I think “We Fell In Love” is really cute. On top of that the talk part includes a message from Eric Benet. He also called Yoo Hee Yeol a pervert. Just watch and see for yourself. It is hilarious. I happen to like “Days and Nights” which is the result of their collaboration.

Now this encode has took me a lot of time and effort. KBS Sketchbook captures tend to be notably different from other shows. Therefore I will resort back to a very slow filtering technique that I believe works really good. Compared to the original transport stream capture, my encode looks much cleaner and stable. I was able to dampen the background noise. I just left a little noise so that the background does not look entirely flat. And it helps with encoding a little too. I did run into a few problems of which one was that for some unknown reason 5 frames of Girls' Generation footage somehow were encoded into JeA's live performance? @.@

Total encoding time is 30 hours. Active time spend on creating a filtering chain and QC is about 6 hours. Please if you take this out a thanks would be greatly appreciated!

Also I decided to quit using my MediaFire account for now.. I am hugely pissed that it takes so much effort to get something uploaded only to have it blocked afterwards. I don't like creating accounts because I already have too many to manage.

Thanks to ummhii from musicsoloud I can use her Putlocker account instead to upload my encodes there. So please don't forget to support her community as well!

[ Download ]

Have you noticed that the three major broadcast channels KBS, MBC and SBS have removed their 'HD' part of the logo? I believe South Korea has finished phasing out any old SD channels and that the entire broadcast network should run Full HD spec now. So there is no need anymore to have this distinction.

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A Taeny duet. Touching ballad where Taeyeon is edging out. After all her vocals have emotional weight and she has shown them in similar OST songs being the OST Queen she is! Needless to say the stage reminded me of Girls' Generation's “Mistake” live performance at Inkigayo October 31st, 2010 during their Hoot era. 

Download 10bit version only if you know your decoder can decode it!

1. Regular [ Download ]
2. 10bit [ Download ]

Password: iadoremoon

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Tiffany is a pink freak. And this song cover just totally represents Fany Fany! You can't deny that. She has that image and attitude of a typical high school girl in California. Not to forget her English accent. She totally rocked the stage. Awesome! I like this performance better than the original ha ha ha ^^

The selection has been done carefully. For example Seohyun couldn't have pulled this off. But our maknae has her own unique qualities with her ever so soothing vocals. We know she has been practicing with the guitar a lot lately. Sorry Hyoyeon !!

Original song: Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Only

[ Part 1 ]
[ Part 2 ]

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Jessica wanted to perform with Sooyoung but somehow that ended up with her sister Krystal. So here have the Jung sisters together! If there is a thing that sets Sica apart is that she does songs about pains that love can bring very well. If you can relate to the song you know you have been there before. They say the heart can become more fruitful if it has been hurt a few times. There is some truth in that, but in the end I hope you will find the one. Cry cry with Sica ^^

Please enjoy Jessica's cover of Nina's “Someday”.

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Happy New Year!

I hope you all have celebrated the new years happily with friends and family. Today for the resurrection of iadoremoon I will post the first encode for 2013 as a warming up. I have been away from the encoding scene for 3 months, that I kind of lost touch with encoding. My signature is still the same. And it is to provide encodes that are visually pleasing to the eye. Although subjective, for those of you that know me longer, know for a fact I am more of a 'boutique' encoder. It takes a lot of time and effort but you definitely get something back in return.

Although Ailee has only 2 releases under her name, I think she is more succesful at performing covers. Most notably at Immortal Song 2. Please enjoy Ailee's cover of “If I Ain't Got You” by Alicia Keys.

Note: Girls' Generation's Romantic Fantasy will be encoded by me. Only a few performance cuts. Stay tuned!

Note: Sometimes I will also add an encode that is suitable to be played on smartphones. For reference I use my Sony Xperia TX.

1. Regular [ Download ]
2. Smartphone [ Download ]

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29 December 2012 @ 01:31 pm

The year has almost come to an end. Lots of things happened that caused me a lot of burden and emotional pain the past two months. But I have overcome them and you will look at things differently. Personal development is a never ending process of falling and most important getting up again. But let's not get dragged by these negative experiences and instead turn them into something fruitful. I too hope you have been doing well with your career, health and relationships. Keep working on them with utmost care and responsibility. You have your life, but your life can also affect others.

Now a topic change..

My obsession for SNSD feels like yesterday now that their comeback is really close! Have you SONEs already ordered their album “I Got A Boy”? I just did with lots of excitement. I have some free time in January so chances are like I can post some of my SNSD encodes. I hope you give iadoremoon a visit again. Collaboration releases with musicsoloud lies ahead ^^

Let's start 2013 powerfully with Girls' Generation! Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae ♥.♥
05 November 2012 @ 10:20 pm
I am still alive folks! I guess you all noticed I have been a ghost by now with little updates on new encodes. I can assure you there have been live performances I wanted to encode and in the process I just didn't finish it. First and foremost. I am currenty doing an internship in the field of Oncogenomics. That is all I can say because of confidentially agreements. Second, most sources were really average to subpar at best when it comes down to perceptual quality. Third, my hard drive is still not fixed yet which is really a pain. It becomes clear much of the energy is drained to keep up with the pace of encoding like I did before.

I still do intend to keep iadoremoon alive. You are always in the need for new content so I can give you reason to come back. New encodes will be posted. It will... somewhere in the future, after this internship ends and I finally acquire my Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree, which might be more of a freedom than a victorious feeling. 

Now I will try to catch up with lots and lots of lost hours of sleep. Copycat Jessica!
[Karaoke] 120924 Girls' Generation - ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU [720P60] (HEY!x3 Music Champ)_SS

Finally Soshi performed “ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” live at HEY!x3 Music Champ! I have long waited for a simple stage like this seeing nine goddesses in white from heaven. Just a touching ballad and vocals to guide you. The atmosphere also kind of reminds me to their “Mistake” live performance at SBS Inkigayo during their HOOT promotions in the last half of 2010. I actually posted an encode of that but unfortunately the MU debacle was a smack in the face. I still have a copy of the encodes so maybe I will re-up them in the future.

Tiffany and Jessica have personally won my interest with their dresses. Truly elegant. and YoonA with her deer eyes ♥.♥

Update 2012/10/07: Karaoke version released! Collab with  musicsoloud. Check out the MV too! ^^

1. Regular [ Download | Screencap ]
2. Karaoke [ Download | Screencap ]

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[2012.09.23] BENI and Crystal Kay with Satoru Shionoya - You've Got A Friend [720P60] (Club J-MELO).mkv

Crystal Kay and BENI performing a cover of this song in a duet setting is of significant meaning. Since they both have been friends from their very early days. Now as a matter of vocal preference my vote goes to BENI. What unsurprising for those of you that follow my community! Crystal her vocal has more weight and will dominate in a duet. BENI is no match then. However I simply like her soothing and heavenly vocal which is ever so slightly whimsical. So BENI would definitely join the likes of Seohyun (SNSD) as far as vocal signature goes imho.

[ Download ]

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[2012.09.23] BENI - Kiss Kiss Kiss + Ti Amo [720P60] (Club J-MELO).mkv

Actually I never watched J-MELO again after melody. left. If I recall myself correctly she ended her career as a singer soon thereafter. Now I think May J. is in many regards a logical replacement. Japan has been very polite to foreign Japanese from overseas, or people having a mixed descent at least featuring a part Japanese, or simply a foreigner to make a career as a singer.

Now I only did cut the BENI segment from the “Club J-MELO BENI × Crystal Kay” show. Live instrumentals and backing vocals. Add that to the mellow atmosphere and you are in for a treat. To me it also seemed BENI is much more relaxed which helped her overall performance impressions. To date my favorite Ti Amo live performance. Absolutely! ^^

With regards to video processing. This is one of the better video sources I was able to work my magic on. Seems to be originating from PT2 BS - NHK Premium broadcaster.

I will be posting the BENI and Crystal Kay with Satoru Shionoya duet performance soon.

[ Part 1 ]
[ Part 2 ]

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