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loves the mysterious crescent moon.

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Unique live performance encodes from the K-Pop scene! Hallyu!
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About Me
A warm welcome to everyone who landed on this page. I created this community so I can share my video encodes. Needless to say I am quite a videophile. Thus every encode I post here has a certain devoted effort to improve the perceptual quality. If you are nitpicking for quality there is a lot eye candy to find here. Ocasionally you will find a Karaoke release ^^

Enjoy your stay! Forever Hallyu!
A S♡NE at heart here. I will meet you nine angels someday! I will keep working hard too. Much love to ice princess Sica <3
If anyone wants to affliate send me a PM. Content owners who are interested in my encoding services to have their master files filtered and compressed efficiently can drop me a PM as well. I can do it better than GomTV, MelOn and Bugs! Thanks!

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